Using dnscat2 for tunneling bypass Firewall Outbound

Step 1: Check outbound internet availability Step 2: Install dnscat2 by your way (Use this if you don’t mind the detection.) Step 3: Run ruby ./dnscat2.rb Step 4: # ruby ./dnscat2.rb (# ruby ./dnscat2.rb Dnscat2 DNS server on [domains = n/a]…No domains were selected, which means this server will only respond to direct queriesContinue reading “Using dnscat2 for tunneling bypass Firewall Outbound”

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet (Backconnect)

Bash Reverse Shell Telnet Reverse Shell Perl Reverse Shell Python Reverse Shell Note: In some case, we need to provide the encoded payload to the console, I recommend the solution: 1.Write file to 2. Decode 3. change to file sh 4. chmod 5. Excute